We, Urago design unique clothing that is contemporary and does not follow a specific trend. We utilize high quaility fabrics even fo simple T-shirts and arduously work to create garments paying close attention to every detail such as fabric texture, color and pattern. Our garments which are produced through a detailed and delicate pocess can be styled to fil any circumstance and you will never get tired of wearing it. We will produce clothes that will have you reaching for it — everyday of your life, whenever and wherever you are.



  • 롯데 백화점 에비뉴엘 월드 타워 5층 (테이스티 몰 5,1 )

    T. 02 3213 2541

  • 롯데 영플라자 2층 (아미 마켓)

    T. 02 772 3232

  • 롯데백화점 영등포점 2층 (부티크 Y)

    T. 02 2164 6042


서울시 중구 퇴계로73길 24
세브트리빌딩 RT

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